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The Dyno 75 features our revolutionary new patented LED technology and now a through wire for ultimate overall strength. The 75mm deep diver gets down to 18 feet with a slow and wide swimming action.

The slight buoyancy makes this lure deadly on the cast, adding pauses into the retrieve allows the lure to sit flashing in a fishes face for maximum effect. The wide bib is ideal for trolling as it provides an enticing slow side to side roll, in addition the wide bib makes it easy to work through structure.

The Dyno 75 features our patented LED technology consisting of a water activated flashing LED in the tail of the lure. Our technology is scientifically proven to increase strike rates, to activate the LED just cast the lure into the water which turns the LED on, and when you retrieve the lure from the water the LED turns off automatically.

The Dyno 75 is that classic natives size for anglers serious about catching Murray Cod and Golden Perch. You'll be hard pressed to find a Cod lure with more strike features then the Dyno 75.