Product Code: BALJUGGER65
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Body Length: 2.5"

Weight: 5/8oz

Hook Size: #6

Sink Rate: 1 foot per second

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Product Description

The Juggernaut 65 is a lure casters dream - jam packed full of features. The LED lipless crankbait is a cracker on a wide variety of species. This lure attributes a 3 second per metre sink rate and flicks off snags like a champion. Also featuring a loud internal rattle you will not find a lipless crankbait with more strike features.

Featuring our patented LED technology consisting of a flashing LED in the tail of the lure, this technology is scientifically proven to increase strike rates, to activate the LED just cast the lure into the water which turns the LED on, and when you retrieve the lure from the water the LED turns off automatically.

Importantly the Juggernaut 65 is fitted out with all the good gear including the new Mustad ultrapoint hooks and quality split rings to ensure you'll get that trophy fish into the boat for a quick photo.

You can catch just about anything with the Juggernaut 65 from Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Red Fin, Bass, Barramundi, Jacks, Sooty's, Flathead, Snapper, Trout and many more.