Product Code: DALAGUNAII
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Model Type Length Sections Action Taper Cast Weight Recommended Line
601HFS Spin 183cm 1 Heavy Fast 14-40g 6-12kg
662ULFS Spin 198cm 2 Ultra Light Fast 2-7g 1-2kg
702LXS Spin 213cm 2 Light Fast 2-7g 1-4kg
701MLXS Spin 213cm 1 Medium Light Fast 4-14g 2-6kg
701MHFS Spin 213cm 1 Medium Heavy Fast 7-21g 4-7kg


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Product Description

Light in the hand yet heavy in quality the new Daiwa Laguna spin series has the performance to excite and the price to impress thanks to its advanced design and outstanding value.

Classical styled, yet contemporary in design and features the Laguna spin range merges mid range performance with entry level economy to create a rod series that looks and performs well have above its price point.

From shorter power models designed to catch and conquer big fish, through to longer and lighter models made for the finesse inspired the Laguna spin series is the range that delivers plenty and will appeal to many.

Master Blank

Value and performance starts with the Laguna’s IM6 graphite blank, with its robust and rugged construction matched with lightness, sensitive and responsiveness.

Crisp and nimble in the tip for ultimate bite sensitivity and casting accuracy the Laguna’s IM6 blank really comes to life in battle with its robust and responsive design powerful and unyielding under load to deliver anglers a rod range that is unmatched in performance and value.

Classic Components

The Laguna’s impressive blank is matched by its equally impressive hardware with custom alloy componentry and super light, ultra strong graphite reel seats ensuring the rod’s components match the IM6 blank for performance and looks.

Corrosion resistant, ultra strong AO (aluminium oxide) guides provide ultimate connectivity between angler and fish, with their impressive build quality ensuring that the Laguna can handle the rigors of angling and time, while their lightweight sensitive design offers unrivaled feel and contact.

Ultra sensitive custom EVA grips sit effortlessly in the hand, and blend perfectly with the Laguna’s graphite reel seats for ultimate comfort and connection between rod, reel and angler.

Flawless in looks, refined in design and untouchable in performance the Laguna spin series has the componentry to handle the lighter and heavier side of spin reel angling.

Rod Range

With models ranging from the finesse anglers 662 ULFS to the short and powerful 601 HFS the Laguna spin range is the series that shows that quality and performance doesn’t always have to come at a hefty price.

LA 601HFS – short in stature yet big in power this is the must-have rod for close quarters plastics and hard body fishing tight to cover. An essential rod for your next estuary fishing jaunt to the tropics or muscling bass and golden perch from the snags down south few rods can match the 601HFS for power, performance and value.

LA 662ULFS – the finesse model in the range is ideal for species such as trout, redfin, whiting and bream. Its light soft tip will cast a lure or small bait with ease while its regular action is perfect for light line fishing in larger waters. This is a great light tackle rod for any junior or beginner angler.

LA 702LXS – the great all-rounder of the range, this is a classically designed rod, ideal for bream, whiting, trout and just about any light tackle species that swims. Matched with a Daiwa 2000 reel this the perfect rod for effortless all day casting.

LA 701MLXS – versatile in application and gifted in performance the 701MLXS is one of the most loved actions of the series, and is perfect for a host of estuary species and uses. Its soft tip allows for effortless casts, while its power lower section puts the power in the angler’s hands to muscle big fish. Perfect for chasing larger estuary species like flathead, school jew, big bream and trevally. Best matched to a 2500 spin reel.

LA 701MHFS – the go-to snapper rod in the range, the 701MHFS has really found its niche as an outstanding soft plastic rod for snapper, but is equally suited to larger bay and harbour fish like mack tuna, monster flathead and rat kings. Best matched to a 4000 spin reel.