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Model Type Length Sections Action Taper Cast Weight Recommended Line
TNSB 602ULFSOH Spin 2 183cm Ultra Light Fast 0.8 – 7g 1 – 3kg
TNSB 672ULFSOH Spin 2 201cm Ultra Light Fast 1 – 3.5g 1 – 2 kg
TNSB 702ULFSOH Spin 2 213cm Ultra Light Fast 0.8 – 7g 1 – 2 kg
TNSB 702MLXFSOH Spin 2 213cm Medium Light Extra Fast 5 – 15g 3 – 5 kg
TNSB 762LFSOH Spin 2 229cm Light Fast 1.5 – 7g 1.5- 4 kg
TNSB 762MLXFSOH Spin 2 229cm Medium Light Extra Fast 5 - 20g 3 - 5 kg


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Product Description

In the past decade tournament bream fishing has developed into one of the most demanding competition sports. Anglers continually strive to outdo each other and always search for the secret advantage. Tournament fishing requires specific outfits to perfect techniques, gone are the days where the 7ft light rod will do it all, if you want to win you will need a specialized range of rods… introducing Daiwa’s Tournament Specialist Bream.

For ultimate sensitivity and strength the TNSB rods combine SVF – Super Volume Fibre for incredible thinness, sensitivity and lightness with the power and strength of 3DX to create an incredibly light weight blank with massive hoop strength, eliminating blank twist and distortion. By eliminating blank twist and distortion these rods cast more accurately as the blank does not twist or distort when loaded in casting and they are able to produce more power than any other rod of similar diameter due to the strength of 3DX wrapping.

These amazing blanks are finished off with some of the finest componentry available. Over the years Fuji has developed the ultimate guides, TNSB utilize the ne K concept SIC guides. The first few guides use a stainless frame for strength while the tip section uses Fuji’s ultra light titanium frames to reduce weight and improve blank casting accuracy. K guides massively reduce line issues and their sensitive is superior to their metal frame guides. The TNSB rods also utilize many of Daiwa’s other innovations, Air foam grips, these are more sensitive and stronger than cork, Air beam reel seats that are attached directly to the blank so to transfer the slightest vibration to your hand and V-Joint 2 piece system so the blank bends evenly through the join.

If you want the ultimate in tournament style technique specific rods the Tournament Specialist Bream rods should be your first and last choice ever.

The ultra light pinpoint model. The 602 is designed specifically for pinpoint casting with ultra light lines in highly pressured waterways where fish are sensitive to even the slightest disturbance. This is the ideal rod to fish small hard bodies, ultra light jigheads, stick minnows and small topwaters where accuracy is paramount. When hooked up on ultra light lines the rod will bend easily in a parabolic arch to avoid line breakage.

The All-rounder model. If you wanted one rod to do it all, then this is the model. The 672ULFSOH is perfectly suited for most bream fishing methods, its soft sensitive tip will cast ultra light lures and soft plastics accurately with minimal effort yet its low down power will muscle out just about any fish from its lair. If you wanted a specialized model for hard bodies, it is perfect for Vibration baits like Gekkabijin Vib 3S and jerk baiting with Presso minnow and Double Clutch’s.

The ultra light distance finesse model. Suited to fishing ultra clear shallow flats style fishing where fish are sensitive to even the slightest disturbance. This is the ideal rod to fish small hard bodies, ultra light jigheads, stick minnows and small topwaters for distance casting. When hooked up on ultra light lines the rod will bend easily in a parabolic arch to avoid line breakage.

The hit them where it hurts model. The 702MLXFSOH is one of the fastest rods in the range and is designed for fast casting methods like skipping lures under overhanging trees, docks, piers, oyster leases etc and will quickly extract fish from heavy cover easily. Its fast action and highly sensitive tip is capable of setting a hook quickly and easily with minimal requirement.

The Distance finesse model. The 762LFSOH is the ideal rod for ultra finesse fishing where you are required to cast long distances like expansive shallow clear water flats and shallow weedbeds and is perfect rod for pinpoint casting while polaroiding flats for cruising fish. Ideally suited for casting lightly weighted jigheads, weightless soft plastic, sliders, small topwaters and shallow diving stickbaits. Its softer action is perfect for using ultra light and fine fluorocarbon lines.

The Power model. The 762MXFSOH is the ideal rod for where a fish needs to be muscled out of structure like oyster racks, weedbeds, snags and rocky flats. Designed to fish, jigheads, weedless soft plastics, topwaters, minnows etc where fish hold in heavy structure and require the use of braided lines for added power. The 762 is suited for PE or Fluorocarbon with a reel up to a 3000 size, this helps to minimize line coiling caused by using heavy lines on small reels.


  • SVF – Super Volume Fibre graphite blanks
  • 3DX carbon construction
  • Bias wrap construction
  • V-joint
  • RR (reduced resistance guide system)
  • Fuji Sic K Guides, titanium tip section guides, stainless steel stripper guide
  • Daiwa Air Beam ratcheted reel seats
  • Air Foam grips
  • Folding hook keeper
  • Custom alloy componentry
  • Technique specific action