Product Code: DAIWATEAM
Price: From $89.00


Model Type Length Sections Action Taper Jig Size Line Rating
TD 602LFS Spin 183cm 2  Light Fast 1 – 5g 1 – 3kg
TD 601MHFS Spin 183cm 1  Medium Heavy Fast 10 – 17g 5 – 8kg
TD 6101LXS Spin 208cm 1  Light Fast 1 – 5g 1 – 3kg
TD 6102LXS Spin 208cm 2  Light Fast 1 – 5g 1 – 3kg
TD 6101MLXS Spin 208cm 1 Medium Light Fast 4 – 10g 2 – 5kg
TD 6102MLXS Spin 208cm 2 Medium Light Fast 4 – 10g 2 – 5kg
TD 701H Spin 213cm 1 Heavy Fast 6 – 14g 4 – 7kg
TD 802H Spin 244cm 2 Heavy Fast 7 – 28g 6 – 10kg
TD 763LFS Nibble Tip 228cm 3 Light Regular 1 – 5g 1 – 3kg
TD 903LFS Nibble Tip 275cm 3 Light Regular 2 – 7g 1 – 4kg


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Product Description

Ultra fast, ultra light, ultra powerful… that’s the easiest way to describe the all new Team Daiwa rod series. TD rods will deliver superb performance from even the most demanding angler.

Designed on Daiwa’s latest IM7 blank design, these ultra fast rods are incredibly sensitive and lightweight. The IM7 graphite creates a crisp action, the soft tip delivers pinpoint casts every time and the strong butt section delivers plenty of fish stopping power. A great blank needs great components to compliment it. TD rods use Fuji AO guides for superior casting, super comfortable Daiwa “Seabass Hunter” reel seats with Fuji hoods, ultra tough EVA minimalist split grips and the whole blank is epoxy coated for protection from scratches and knocks.

The huge range of models covers just about every light tackle fishing situation you will encounter across Australia. Match these rods up with the Laguna, Legalis or Aird series and you’ve got some serious tackle at not so serious prices. From the ultra light 602LFS for stream trout to the 563HFB travel baitcaster for a northern barra safari fishing holiday, there is a TD rod to suit.

  • IM7 graphite blanks
  • Fuji AO Guides
  • Daiwa “Seabass Hunter” reel seats with Fuji hoods
  • Custom EVA split grips
  • Custom alloy componentry